photo by  Yael Nov

photo by Yael Nov


David Jaewon Oh was born in Seoul, South Korea and now resides in Seattle, Washington. He received a BFA in Photography from the University of Washington. David is focused on the subjects of culture and gender in sports. His recent projects include the documentation of an LGBTQ running club and the Rat City Rollergirls, a roller derby league based in Seattle, WA. Combatants is one of his most well-known collection of works thus far in his career and have exhibited in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. His works also featured in online and print publications such as Runner's World, ACLU of Western Washington, University of Washington Alumni Association, VSCO, and Tempo Journal. He was awarded a 2016 GAP Grant from Artist Trust (Seattle, WA).

When he's not taking photos, he really likes to listen to rap music and watch sports.  He often wears hats and collects diner mugs. 

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instagram - @thisisdizzle